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2018-2019 Season


2018-2019 Season


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April 8th 2019

Final Results

Morning All, all final games have today been added and that brings us to the close of the League Season for 2018-19. Good luck to all in the Singles & Pair contests and I will of course see all around and about over the coming weeks

March 31st 2019

Week 21 results & Champions declared

Afternoon All, as promised this weeks results are up ahead of the final week so all teams know what they need to go for. Good luck to the teams involved and Nomination Final has also been updated

March 26th 2019

Week 19 & 20 results & Champions declared

Evening All, so I've tonight updated the site with results from the last two weeks, apologies I didnt do last week I've got a lot on at work. As you can all see though, tonight even though they are the only side to have completed all games, due to a 9-0 claimed game (due to late cancellation) the Muckspreaders are now unreachable by any side and are declared 2018-19 Champions. Attention now turns to the 3 sides close fighting for the runner up spot.

I will endeavour to have this weeks results up over the weekend so that all teams going for runners up are able to see what they all need ahead of next weeks games. Good luck to all.

March 11th 2019

Week 17 & 18 results

Morning All, So today I've added in week 17 & 18 Results and all cancelled games are now updated

February 20th 2019

Week 16 results

Morning All, So today I've added in week 16's results to bring everything upto date.

Captains meeting will take place on Sunday 23rd (this Sunday) at 19:30 in The King William, Shepton. Hope to see all there.

February 13th 2019

Week 14/15 results

Morning All, So today I've added in week 14 & 15 results that we have so far. Gin Traps vs Mary's Maidens was cancelled due to the snow, and Gin Traps vs Mavericks I'm following up the result at the minute as I may have misplaced. Other than that all is upto date as we stand.

I'll send out details today for the Captains meeting we will hold next weekend so that we can hand over monies etc and get the Captains Cup done. This will likely take place at the King William but I'll advise via email and text.

January 21st 2019

Week 12/13 results

Happy New year all and welcome to 2019. I've today brought everything upto date with Week 12 & 13's results played these past two weeks. Bulldogs vs Strollers was PP as the pub was closed while a new landlord takes over, we expect it to reopen this week though.

Were planning to get a meeting in place but sadly work has got in the way again and I depart later today for a week or so, but aim to get this in place for my return. Will drop all an email as soon as I can.

December 17th 2018

Week 10/11 results & Merry Xmas

Morning All, Today I've published Week 10's results & the results I have from Week 11 so far (other two are being chased) onto the site

***Update 18/12 - All results now in and updated ***

I hope all have a good xmas and New year and we will see you all in 2019

December 4th 2018

Week 9 results

Morning All, Today I've published Week 9's results onto the site

November 28th 2018

Week 8 results

Morning All, Today I've published Week 8's results onto the site

November 20th 2018

Catch Up

Afternoon! Apologies all, a mixture of work, holiday and Carnival had basically put me absent for a month however I'm here and all is now updated to current status. I'm missing one result from Week 6 presently due to a corrupt photo but I hope to have this fixed this week.

So Week 6 & 7 Results are up and posted. Knockout Semi-Final Draw is also now presented on its relevant page. I'll also drop all a mail this week as we need to have the first captains meeting before Xmas so will be in touch tommorow.

October 10th 2018

Week 5 results & Knockout Update

Morning All, Today I've published Week 5's results and also have updated the knockout cup information recieved from Terry last week.

October 10th 2018

Week 3 & 4 results

Morning All, So today I've published Week 3 & 4 results avaliable on the usual page

September 24th 2018

Week 1 & 2 results

Morning All, So were underway and I've published Week 1 & 2's results this morning as no real point after week 1. Any problems please just let me know

Also note the Knockout/Nomination Fixtures have been corrected since the pull out of Mendip FI

August 30th 2018

2018-19 Preparation

Morning All, just a note to say I'm updating everything ahead of the upcoming season and have a had a clearout of the old news etc. If you wish to access any of the old news please do so here Old News. Otherwise good luck for the upcoming season.

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